St. Brendan Stained Glass window

St. Brendan and Ballymacelligot Parish

Fr. Pat Crean Lynch celebrated 25 years a Priest on Friday night. 7 of those years were served in Ballymac Parish. To show appreciation for this dedicated service I was asked to create a stained glass panel that could be presented to Fr. Pat as a personal gift from the parishioners. The theme was to include St. Brendan the patron saint of Ballymac, the two churches ‘St Brendan’s at Clogher and The Church of the Immaculate Conception Ballymacelligott’. I was also to represent the parish and Fr. Pats love of horses.

The artwork I created for Fr. Pat is a very symbolic piece. It is a stained glass panel in a back lit frame or light box. It is approximately 23 x 30 inches high. The basic composition features a unique interpretation of the St Brendan story. It has a very old St. Brendan sitting at the front of his boat praying with his eyes up to the heavens. Emerging from his praying hands is a rainbow of coloured glass that flow up the left of the piece and around the top and then circles the world. Out of the heart of the world comes a cross of golden light that shines down on St. Brendan. This represents the light of the Lord. Nestled in these shafts of colour are Clogher and Ballymac Church, three people praying. They are facing the light and are in various stages of life, (youth, prime and old age) these represent the parishioners. The world represents the worldly view taken by St Brendan and Father Pat and their educated, international approach to life. It also represents the parishioners of Ballymac that are all over the world today, and to show that they are not forgotten.

Behind St. Brendan is a landscape with three antiquities of Ballymac featured. ‘Uaimh Bhrénainn -St. Brendans Cave, the Earl of Desmonds Grave, the Site of Mac Elligotts Prison and one of Fr. Pat’s beloved horses grazing. The profile of the mountains is taken from Kielduff mountain.

On the front of the boat in the left hand corner I painted the following text

“An tAthair Pat
Comóradh Oirnithe 25 Bliain
Ó phobal Bhaile Mhic Eileagóid

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