Saint Brendan the Visionary

Saint Brendan the Visionary stained glass mary leen

This piece was inspired by a story of Saint Brendan. Saint Brendan was reading a manuscript detailing the extraordinary sights of the first Atlantic travellers. In his disbelief of the tales of the strange mythological creatures and amazing sights he threw the manuscript into the fire next to him. In that instant an angel emerged from the fire with scorn in her voice and scolded Saint Brendan for his disbelief of what was written. She then ordered him to go and experience all the unbelievable things for himself. The two faced head represent the development of Saint Brendan’s faith. On the left he is dishevelled and shocked looking at the angel, whilst on the right he has emerged from his spiritual journey and is peaceful looking, unafraid of the terrible beast that is in front of him. The whale symbolises when Saint Brendan landed his boat on what he thought was an island, it was only when they tried to light a fire that the whale moved and they discovered that it was a whale. The swirly blue background symbolises the sea and the magic that surrounds Saint Brendan.

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